Miller Place Students Practice Yoga

The Miller Place School District’s Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School recently added a new yoga program for the 2018-2019 school year. The program focuses on enriching students’ physical and emotional education through a series of yoga classes. Students in grades three through five will be taught the importance of mindfulness and body awareness by practicing different yoga poses and relaxation and breathing techniques. The 30-minute classes are designed to encourage students’ self-discovery and help develop increased confidence. Teachers at Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School are excited to introduce students to new solutions to clear their minds, enhance their ability to focus and gain a more positive outlook on themselves and others.


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Miller Place High School’s Athletic Program Earned School of Distinction Award for 2017-2018

The Miller Place School District is proud to announce the recognition of its high school’s athletic program by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) as a School of Distinction in the Scholar-Athlete Team category for the 2017-2018 school year. Miller Place High School is one of only 30 public schools from the 750 in New York State to earn this distinction and be placed on the 2017-2018 NYSPHAA Academic Honor Roll.


“The District is extremely proud of our athletic program and its recognition by the NYSPHSAA for the third consecutive year,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Marianne Cartisano. “Our students’ ongoing success is exemplary of the academic caliber and athletic excellence of the Miller Place School District.”


The Miller Place High School Athletic Program has earned different levels of Scholar-Athlete recognition by the NYSPHSAA over the last few years. During the 2015-2016 school year, MPHS’ athletic program received the School of Distinction Award, and in the 2016-2017 school year, the high school’s athletic program earned the School of Excellence award.


In order be recognized as a scholar-athlete team by the NYSPHSAA Scholar Athlete Program, 75 percent of team rosters must maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 90.00 or higher. To qualify as a School of Distinction, each team in the District’s varsity program must earn Scholar-Athlete Team status for the duration of the school year. Districts recognized by the NYSPHSAA as Schools of Excellence must have 75 percent of their varsity teams earn the Scholar Athlete status.


“Congratulations to all the individuals who made it possible to be recognized with this award,” said Director of Athletics Ron Petrie. “The commitment and work ethic of our student-athletes, teachers, and coaches is unprecedented. This is a direct reflection of their outstanding skills on and off the field.”


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North Country Road Middle School Remembers September 11th

Several teachers at Miller Place School District’s North Country Road Middle School took the initiative to honor our country’s 9/11 fallen heroes by educating students about the horrific attacks that took place 17 years ago. Mrs. Himmelmann and Mrs. Saulle, two 7th grade English teachers, held lessons that included having students listen to recorded interviews from the 9/11 Memorial Museum’s oral history collection. The videos captured the different perspectives and emotions of three individuals who experienced the 9/11 attacks first hand. Students then reflected on each person’s perspective and touched upon what they found most shocking or moving in each person’s story. To complete the lesson, students remembered a positive or negative memory from their past to write about and share with their teacher.


Mrs. Hibbard, a 6th grade social studies teacher, used a lesson on artifacts to educate students on the 9/11 attacks. The lesson taught students about the significance of artifacts and how they provide us insight into our past. Mrs. Hibbard also shared a video about 9/11 which showed students real-life artifacts, including artifacts recovered from Ground Zero.


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Students at Miller Place School District’s North Country Middle School learning about artifacts recovered from the 9/11 site. Mrs. Hibbard, a sixth grade social studies teacher, dedicated a history lesson to educate students on the 17th anniversary of September 11th.

Miller Place School District Eagerly Begins the 2018-2019 School Year

The Miller Place School District ardently opened its doors on September 4th to begin the 2018-2019 school year. After spending the summer months adding new technologies and developing new systems to enhance students’ educational experience, each school organized activities to celebrate the excitement of the first day back to school.


“The first day back from summer recess is a unique and important experience for each of our schools throughout the District,” said Superintendent Dr. Marianne Cartisano. “We believe taking the initiative to create a welcoming atmosphere on the first day of school sets the tone for the rest of the school year. Our students come back on their first day eager to learn with positive attitudes. We are excited to see what our new and returning students will accomplish over the course of the next ten months.”


At Andrew Muller Primary School, Dr. Cartisano and Board of Education President Johanna Testa helped students in kindergarten through second grade ease the transition from summer recess to a new school year. Students were able to easily navigate the hallways and locate their classrooms with the assistance of the building’s faculty and members of central administration.


At Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School, fifth graders started the year off strong by working collectively with their classmates on “Back to School” word search puzzles. The students challenged themselves by searching for new vocabulary words in both a creative and educational manner.


At North Country Road Middle School, Principal Matthew Clark held an assembly in the cafeteria for eighth grade students on their responsibilities as new leaders in the school. Principal Clark discussed the significance of being role models as the oldest students in the building and the expectations for this school year.


At Miller Place High School, the seniors eagerly explored the senior lounge for the first time, a room exclusively offered to the standing senior class. The upperclassmen have the privilege to utilize the senior lounge for communal learning, enjoy lunch in a quiet space or to bond with peers.


“There is a lot we are excited about this school year,” said Dr. Cartisano. “Each member of our faculty and administration has worked diligently throughout the summer to ensure we kick off the year on the right foot.”

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Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Marianne Cartisano and Board of Education President Johanna Testa, along with other central administration gathering at Andrew Muller Primary School as the students arrive by bus to assist the K-2 students navigate the hallways and locate their classrooms.

North Country Road Middle School Principal Matthew Clark addressing the new eighth graders on their first day of school about the expectations for this year as the new leaders of the school.


Miller Place High School seniors reconnecting with friends in the senior lounge, a room exclusively offered to the members of the senior class.

Miller Place School District Goes Solar

The Miller Place Union Free School District announced today that it has officially completed the installation of its Districtwide solar energy system, which will be fully online for the 2018-2019 school year. The new clean energy program will provide the District with significant savings on energy costs and establish the Miller Place School District as one of the most eco-friendly school districts on Long Island. Each school building throughout the District has been outfitted with state-of-the-art solar panels, providing the District with approximately 1.3 megawatts of clean, solar energy.


“Establishing this Districtwide solar energy program is an initiative that will bring cost-saving measures for decades,” said Dr. Marianne Cartisano, Superintendent of the Miller Place School District. “This investment is a testament to the District’s forward-thinking financial philosophy and will help reduce the community’s carbon footprint. This is something to be celebrated and we are incredibly excited that this initiative has now come to fruition.”


The initiative was part of the District’s ongoing energy conservation plan, which was announced as part of an energy performance contract that was approved by the Miller Place Board of Education in 2014. The clean energy system is anticipated to save the District more than $240,000 per year in energy costs, and over $3.6 million over the course of 18 years. This projected cost saving will enable the District to reallocate funds to other expenses and capital improvements without the need to increase the District’s overall operating budget.


“Implementing solar panels was part of the Board of Education’s long-term strategy to reduce costs, make the District’s facilities more eco-friendly and do our part to enhance the Miller Place community,” said Johanna Testa, Miller Place School District Board of Education President. “The Board of Education is committed to facilitating and organizing opportunities that will improve our District’s facilities and our students’ educational experiences. The solar energy system is one that we are thrilled to announce, and we look forward to experiencing the many benefits that this energy program will provide our District and our community.”


To quantify the energy and cost savings the District has installed monitors in the front lobby of each building that will show the amount of energy the solar panels are producing at any given time. In addition to depicting the number of kilowatt-hours the individual building’s solar energy system has generated, the monitors will also inform students, teachers and parents of the solar energy system’s environmental benefits—including the amount of electricity that was no longer needed to power the building and the decrease in the amount of carbon monoxide that was no longer emitted into the environment.


“With all the solar panels and lobby monitors now installed and being actively utilized, our students will have a real-time opportunity to observe and become more aware of the multiple positive aspects solar energy brings to our schools and community,” said Dr. Cartisano. “We can also use this cost-saving, environmentally friendly technology as a tool in future STEAM curriculums.”


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Miller Place School District’s Music Education Program Receives National Recognition

District Receives Recognition for Third Consecutive Year

In recognition of its outstanding commitment to music education, the Miller Place School District was recently honored by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Foundation with the NAMM 2018 Best Communities for Music Education Award. This is the third consecutive year the District has received this award. Less than 10 percent of school districts nationwide received the prestigious award in 2018. The honor comes as a result of the outstanding efforts of Miller Place teachers, administrators, parents, students and community leaders to ensure access to music learning for all students as part of the school curriculum.

“We are honored to receive this designation from the NAMM foundation for the third year in a row,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Marianne Cartisano. “Our artistic faculty pours hours of dedication and talent into creating and building upon the District’s outstanding fine arts curriculum, including music, art and drama. This recognition is a well-deserved tribute to the dedication, diligence, passion and excellence of our students, our music department and our community.”

In addition to providing daily music education on the elementary, middle and high school level, the District’s music department provides frequent opportunities for students to perform as well as innovative lessons that go beyond the classroom. Students perform in concerts, plays and recitals for classmates throughout the year.

The Best Communities for Music Education designation is awarded to districts that demonstrate outstanding achievement in efforts to provide music access and education to all students. To qualify for the distinction, the Miller Place School District answered detailed questions about funding, graduation requirements, music class participation, instruction time, facilities, support for the music program, and community music-making programs. Responses were verified with school officials and reviewed by The Music Research Institute at the University of Kansas.

“Music education is an essential part of our students’ growth into well-rounded individuals, scholars and good citizens,” said Miller Place High School Principal Kevin Slavin. “A strong musical background supports students’ creative problem solving abilities and teamwork while providing the skills necessary to excel both inside and outside the classroom.”

The NAMM Foundation is a non-profit supported in part by the National Association of Music Merchants and its 9,000 members around the world. The NAMM Foundation works to advance active participation in music making by supporting scientific research, philanthropic giving and public service programs.

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Miller Place School District Forges Bonds Across the Pond

Miller Place School District senior student at Miller Place High School, Joseph Panico, recently participated in the prestigious American Football Worldwide (AFW) ELITE High School program. The football league gives well-accomplished high school football players from throughout the United States an opportunity to travel around the world to compete against the best U19 football players from other countries. Panico and the AFW team recently returned from their trip with a 28-7 victory against the Italian National 19U Team, the team’s 4th consecutive victory. Panico was the only student from New York State who was selected to participate in this opportunity.

“I loved getting to practice in different European cities each day and meeting with the Italian team,” said Panico. “After the game both teams shared stories and experiences from our home countries and we broadened each other’s cultural perspectives.”

The Miller Place School District offers a rigorous athletic program that helps students improve their athletic ability and fitness in addition to their classroom performance, teamwork, confidence and leadership. This opportunity was part of the Miller Place School District’s commitment to providing students with a variety of athletic and cultural experiences in which they can broaden both their physical and intellectual skills. To learn more about the Miller Place School District please visit:



Elementary School Students Receive Trees for Arbor Day

Rocky Point Lion’s Club and Local Legislators Give Miller Place School District 4th Grade Students Saplings to Symbolize Hope


More than 200 Miller Place School District 4th grade students at Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School recently received pine tree saplings during the school’s annual celebration of Arbor Day. Town of Brookhaven Councilwoman Jane Bonner, Supervisor Edward Romaine and members of the Rocky Point Lion’s Club distributed more than 200 pine tree saplings to students while our special guests discussed the importance of trees and protecting the environment. Students then took the trees home to plant in a symbolic gesture of hope for the future. The act of planting a tree symbolized a belief that the tree will grow and, someday, provide wood, a wildlife habitat, erosion control, shelter from the wind and sun, beauty, and inspiration for years to come.

This event is sponsored by the Rocky Point Lion’s Club and supported by the Town of Brookhaven, and is part of the Miller Place School District’s commitment to the environment. For more information please visit




Miller Place Students Excel at Math Olympiads

The Miller Place School District announced today that its Math Olympiad team at Laddie Decker Elementary School recently earned a Certificate of High Achievement and a Meritorious Achievement Certificate following the school’s participation in the Math Olympiads. In addition, six students finished in the top eight percent of students nationwide. Math Olympiads is a nationwide mathematics competition for students in grades four through eight, which helps them explore advanced mathematics concepts in an environment of friendly competition.

“The Miller Place School District is proud of our students for all their hard work, and we are honored to receive this recognition. These students’ accomplishments are emblematic of the Miller Place educational standard,” said Miller Place School District Superintendent Dr. Marianne Cartisano. “Advancing mathematical education is one of our primary goals as educators, and receiving these awards are a testament to the many hours of dedication to academic excellence our teachers and students exhibit every day.”

The Miller Place School District Math Olympiads team ended the competition with a final score of 189, which was in the top 20 percent of all schools throughout the country that participated in the competition. In addition to its rigorous mathematics program, the Miller Place School District also offers a number of advanced courses and extracurricular opportunities for development in mathematics.

“This has been our best year in the Math Olympiads yet, and we look forward to raising the bar even higher next year,” said Laddie Decker Elementary School Principal Catherine Honeyman. “Having a strong foundation in mathematics is essential to every student’s education, and we’re honored by this exceptional recognition of the Miller Place School District’s rigorous math program.”

Math Olympiads contests take place at each participating school throughout the country across several months. Each contest consists of five atypical math problems which must be solved under a time limit. Each student, working alone, scores one point for each correct answer. Teams can consist of up to 35 students, and the team score is the sum of the ten highest individual scores. The Miller Place School District encourages students to take advantage of programs like Math Olympiads, and supports students’ many successes as they continue to advance the study of mathematics.

“There are 35 members of the Math Olympiads team, and each student contributed to our final score.  It was truly a team effort,” said Math Olympiads Coordinator Evan Curran.

Students who will be receiving silver pins for placing in the top eight percent of students nationwide include:

  • Andrew McGuirk
  • Madison McErlean
  • Taylor McHugh
  • Lucy Chang
  • Marc Lindemann
  • Jackson Vaccariello

Students who will be receiving patches for placing in the top 50 percent of mathematics students nationwide include:

  • Matthew Cirrito
  • Dane Lagrasta
  • Trevor Mandia
  • Abigail Bosshard
  • Carrie Davis
  • Brayden Rowe
  • Nicholas Calandrino
  • Sabrina Schafer
  • Richard Wink
  • Michael Drago
  • Joshua MacDonald
  • Sean Pepe
  • Liam Dunkin
  • Amanda Kranich-Schaefer
  • Jack Sauer
  • Stephen Ye
  • Charlie Platt
  • Nicholas Vallary
  • Sean Creedon
  • Ellis Worcester

Other members of the Math Olympiads team who will be recognized for their achievements include:

  • Ruth Lynch
  • Skylar Isbitsky
  • Jack O’Neill
  • Nick Tedeschi
  • Jonathan Bang
  • Emma McNulty
  • Colorado Pabisz
  • Logan Pagel
  • Palakdeep Bassan

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Miller Place High School Cheerleaders Recognized for Championship Victory

The Miller Place School District’s Miller Place High School cheerleading team was recently celebrated by the Town of Brookhaven for finishing in first place at the Suffolk County Cheerleading Champions for Medium Varsity Teams Division II. To recognize their achievement, Town of Brookhaven Councilwoman Jane Bonner presented the team with Certificates of Congratulations during a recent town board meeting.

“It was my pleasure to honor these outstanding high school students,” said Councilwoman Bonner. “It takes hard work and dedication to excel in these very competitive activities and they should all be proud of their great accomplishments. I also want to commend the coaches and parents for all they do to help the children perform at such a high level.”

“We are incredibly proud of all our students’ hard work to achieve this victory,” said Miller Place School District Superintendent Dr. Marianne Cartisano. “Their commitment and integrity are emblematic of the excellence here at Miller Place.”

Teammates and coaches included: Cheerleaders; Halle Abrams, Skylar Alagna, Meghan Connolly, Kaitlin Dolson, Danielle Humphrey, Amethyst LaRosa, Angelique Levine, Kim Mascarella, Serena Mangino, Victoria Murphy, Maddie Power, Maddie Pranzo, Leigha Provenzano, Julia Schreck, Sarah Shaljian, Danielle Spagnolo, Kaleigh Spetta, Rachel Suarez, Hailey Syperski, Hanna Totillo, Nina Tudisco, Chole Young and Coaches; Marissa Alessi and Alexa Sanalitro.

The student-athletes worked hard for months to achieve this victory. They embraced a rigorous training schedule, and they exhibited tremendous dedication and good sportsmanship. For more information about the Miller Place School District and its students’ many accomplishments, please visit: