Miller Place School District Eagerly Begins the 2018-2019 School Year

The Miller Place School District ardently opened its doors on September 4th to begin the 2018-2019 school year. After spending the summer months adding new technologies and developing new systems to enhance students’ educational experience, each school organized activities to celebrate the excitement of the first day back to school.


“The first day back from summer recess is a unique and important experience for each of our schools throughout the District,” said Superintendent Dr. Marianne Cartisano. “We believe taking the initiative to create a welcoming atmosphere on the first day of school sets the tone for the rest of the school year. Our students come back on their first day eager to learn with positive attitudes. We are excited to see what our new and returning students will accomplish over the course of the next ten months.”


At Andrew Muller Primary School, Dr. Cartisano and Board of Education President Johanna Testa helped students in kindergarten through second grade ease the transition from summer recess to a new school year. Students were able to easily navigate the hallways and locate their classrooms with the assistance of the building’s faculty and members of central administration.


At Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School, fifth graders started the year off strong by working collectively with their classmates on “Back to School” word search puzzles. The students challenged themselves by searching for new vocabulary words in both a creative and educational manner.


At North Country Road Middle School, Principal Matthew Clark held an assembly in the cafeteria for eighth grade students on their responsibilities as new leaders in the school. Principal Clark discussed the significance of being role models as the oldest students in the building and the expectations for this school year.


At Miller Place High School, the seniors eagerly explored the senior lounge for the first time, a room exclusively offered to the standing senior class. The upperclassmen have the privilege to utilize the senior lounge for communal learning, enjoy lunch in a quiet space or to bond with peers.


“There is a lot we are excited about this school year,” said Dr. Cartisano. “Each member of our faculty and administration has worked diligently throughout the summer to ensure we kick off the year on the right foot.”

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Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Marianne Cartisano and Board of Education President Johanna Testa, along with other central administration gathering at Andrew Muller Primary School as the students arrive by bus to assist the K-2 students navigate the hallways and locate their classrooms.

North Country Road Middle School Principal Matthew Clark addressing the new eighth graders on their first day of school about the expectations for this year as the new leaders of the school.


Miller Place High School seniors reconnecting with friends in the senior lounge, a room exclusively offered to the members of the senior class.