Panthers Think Pink

The Miller Place School District is thinking pink this October by kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the Maurer Foundation’s breast health education program at Miller Place High School. The forty-minute presentation emphasizes different initiatives students can take in their everyday life to reduce the risk of breast cancer.


Students that are presently enrolled in health classa requirement of the district’s health education curriculumwere taught different breast health initiatives during their scheduled class. Students engaged in discussions on proper nutrition including portion sizes and food product packaging details. Students learned how to conduct a proper breast self-examination through practicing on silicone breast models, a unique aspect of the breast health education program the Maurer Foundation offers.


The Maurer Foundation’s mission is to save lives by promoting breast health educationbreast cancer prevention, healthy lifestyle choices, and early detection and risk reduction. Since 1995, the Maurer Foundation has spoken to over 300,000 high school and college students, parents, coworkers, and neighbors. The Maurer Foundation is commonly known for their unique approach to promoting breast health educationtake action, local, and youth education.


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