NCRMS Students Take the AMC 8 by Storm

The Miller Place School District’s North Country Road Middle School is thrilled to recognize four exceptional students—Christopher Barton, grade 7; Leo Lin, grade 8; Russell Platt, grade 7; and Lilah Lindemann, grade 8—who were recently invited to compete in the annual American Mathematics Competition for eighth graders.

Christopher, NCRMS’s top scorer of the competition, earned a gold medal in addition to an honor roll certificate for scoring in the top 5% of the competition nationwide. Lilah was also recognized as one of NCRMS’s highest scorers and received a silver medal for her accomplishment. Leo and Russell’s hard work and dedication earned them each a well-deserved spot in third place—both took home a bronze medal for their scores.

The AMC 8 competition is designed for middle school students and its purpose is to provide an opportunity for 8th graders to demonstrate their knowledge and ability in the area of mathematics. Students participate in a 25-question, 40-minute multiple choice examination designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem solving skills. Congratulations to all involved, with a special thank you to Mrs. Maureen Radday, math teacher at NCRMS, for all of her efforts in providing this opportunity for our students.

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