Sky High Academic Achievements in Miller Place

Miller Place Sixth Graders Launch Self-Made Rockets for Science Class

Miller Place, N.Y. (November 2019)—Sixth grade students at North Country Road Middle School in Miller Place recently sent their science knowledge sky-high during the culmination of the school’s recent science unit—rockets!

“The District strives to provide an engaging curriculum that enables students to utilize their creativity while taking part in interactive lessons,” said Dr. Marianne Cartisano, superintendent of Miller Place School District. “Classroom projects like the rocket launch provide enhanced learning experiences for our students by allowing them to bring their textbook lessons to life. Well done, NCRMS!”

Over the last several weeks, Mrs. Cuba’s science classes performed a comprehensive science experiment to learn how a rocket works and demonstrate Newton’s third law of motion. After designing and constructing their own rockets from scratch, the sixth graders joined for a class wide rocket launch where students had the opportunity to watch their science knowledge take off!