Coupons for Character: March

Congratulations to North Country Road Middle School’s  Jesse Mott, Aiden Fiorelli and Chase Macaulay

MILLER PLACE, NEW YORK (MARCH 2021)—Sixth grader Jesse Mott, seventh grader Aiden Fiorelli, and eighth grader Chase Macaulay at Miller Place’s North Country Road Middle School have been recognized as Coupons for Characters recipients for February. These distinguished students were recognized for serving as positive role models, promoting respect and encouraging their peers to build a caring school community.

Each month, the names of students who have demonstrated exceptional character are put into a container in the building’s main office. At the end of the month, three students’ names are randomly selected to receive a prize for their leadership. Students whose names were put into the jar, but not selected, receive a letter of recognition for their commitment to making NCRMS an outstanding place to learn and gain leadership skills.