Time for S’more Learning

Andrew Muller Primary School Transforms Classroom into Campground for Literacy Initiative

MILLER PLACE, NEW YORK (MAY 2021)—There are several happy campers at Andrew Muller Primary School in Miller Place this month. Mrs. Trelfa’s second grade class recently transformed their classroom into a temporary indoor campground for their latest multidisciplinary learning initiative to incorporate students’ love of reading and mathematics.

Students gathered their camping gear, a generous contribution from class parents, and assembled around the paper campfire for a fun day full of adventure. The trip began with Ms. Trelfa guiding students through camp-themed math activities like utilizing coins to purchase supplies at a trading post and a “scoot” where students walked around the room solving math problems taped to their tents. Before welcoming a surprise reader, student teacher Ms. Randazzo, for a classroom read aloud, students shared their favorite books from home, in the classroom and the Epic Books website.