Noelle Dunlop Resigns from Miller Place Board of Education

Keith Frank Appointed to Serve Remainder of Term

MILLER PLACE, N.Y. (JULY 2021) – Miller Place School District Board of Education member Noelle Dunlop has advised the District of her resignation from the Board on July 7, 2021, effective immediately, due to family and professional reasons. Dunlop was elected to the Board in 2013. Her term was slated to end at the conclusion of the 2021-22 school year.

“I have been happy to serve the Miller Place community in this volunteer capacity for the past 8 years and feel that it has been a worthwhile endeavor,” said Dunlop. “I wish my fellow board members well as they welcome new board member Bryan Makarius and I thank them all for their continued service in this difficult but also rewarding and extremely important role.”

Keith Frank, who did not run for re-election in this past May school board election, was appointed by the Miller Place Board to complete Noelle’s term at its July 7, 2021 organization meeting.

In discussing Mr. Frank’s appointment, Board President Johanna Testa stated, “The District decided not to hold a special election to fill the seat of Noelle Dunlop due to the financial burden it would put on our taxpayers – a special election could cost the District upwards of $20,000. We felt it was the correct decision to ask Mr. Frank to serve our community for one final year as a member of the Board and not have our taxpayer’s incur such a large expense.”

Along with being a father of three children, Keith’s 30 years of high level experience in both the government and private sector in counseling, representing businesses, unions, and other groups as a labor and employment attorney, and his knowledge of our District and Board operations make him the perfect choice to serve out the final year of Noelle’s term.