Miller Place Students Get Sobering Driving Lesson

The Miller Place School District recently held an interactive driver-safety workshop at Miller Place High School in an effort to promote safe driving habits among students. During the program, seniors learned about the dangers of being impaired and distracted behind the wheel using interactive, virtual-reality technology. The program, “Save a Life Tour,” is a comprehensive, high-impact, safe-driving awareness program offered to high school students throughout the country. Miller Place High School was the tour’s only stop on Long Island this year.


One of the workshop’s main features was a high-tech driver’s-seat simulator, which mimicked the impairments of having a high blood alcohol content. The simulator enabled students to experience the potentially deadly consequences of drinking and texting while driving.


The purpose of the “Save a Life Tour” was to make students more aware of driving dangers by showing how one poor decision can lead to crashes, injuries and sometimes death. Students experienced how much the brakes and steering wheel “lag” as blood-alcohol levels increase on the simulator. They experienced difficulty in stopping, turning and accelerating as alcohol affects reaction times.


Halloween in the Halls of Miller Place High School

The Miller Place School District recently organized an opportunity for students at Miller Place High School to volunteer their time and make Halloween fun and safe for elementary school students throughout the District. More than 50 Miller Place High School students dressed in costume to give out tasty treats during the school’s annual Safe Halloween event.


As part of the program, more than 20 classrooms at Miller Place High School were transformed into haunted houses using spooky, student-designed decorations. Elementary school students from the community visited each classroom to play games, dance to live music and collect candy.


The Miller Place High School student government hosted Safe Halloween to eliminate any potential risk of children trick-or-treating at strangers’ houses, while building a stronger community with teachers, friends and families within the school district. A portion of ticket sales for Safe Halloween are to be donated ALS research.



Primary School Students Learn About the Democratic Process on Election Day

Andrew Muller Primary School recently engaged students in an interactive lesson on the democratic process on Election Day. As part of their educations on democracy, elections and the voting process, students filled out “voter registration cards” and ballots. Students then took their ballots to a private “voting booth” to cast their votes for “The Duck” or “Farmer Brown” based on a book the students are reading in class, “Duck for President.” Once each student had voted their teachers counted the ballots for each candidate and announced the winner. This lesson was part of the District’s mission to connect what students learn in the classroom to the outside world.



Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School Celebrates Suffolk County Marathon Essay Contest Winner

Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School recently celebrated 4th grade student Mia Carvajal’s achievement as the winner in the Suffolk County Marathon Essay Contest. Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone invited students in kindergarten—8th grade from all schools in Suffolk County to participate in this prestigious contest. In order to participate students had to write an essay about appreciating veterans, living a healthy lifestyle or engaging in community activities. Carvajal’s essay was about ways to bring the community together by engaging in community activities.


Once all essays were received, student contest submissions were separated into three categories; grades K-2, grades 3-5 and grades 6-8. Only 9 students from throughout the county were selected as winners.