Miller Place Students Excel at Math Olympiads

The Miller Place School District announced today that its Math Olympiad team at Laddie Decker Elementary School recently earned a Certificate of High Achievement and a Meritorious Achievement Certificate following the school’s participation in the Math Olympiads. In addition, six students finished in the top eight percent of students nationwide. Math Olympiads is a nationwide mathematics competition for students in grades four through eight, which helps them explore advanced mathematics concepts in an environment of friendly competition.

“The Miller Place School District is proud of our students for all their hard work, and we are honored to receive this recognition. These students’ accomplishments are emblematic of the Miller Place educational standard,” said Miller Place School District Superintendent Dr. Marianne Cartisano. “Advancing mathematical education is one of our primary goals as educators, and receiving these awards are a testament to the many hours of dedication to academic excellence our teachers and students exhibit every day.”

The Miller Place School District Math Olympiads team ended the competition with a final score of 189, which was in the top 20 percent of all schools throughout the country that participated in the competition. In addition to its rigorous mathematics program, the Miller Place School District also offers a number of advanced courses and extracurricular opportunities for development in mathematics.

“This has been our best year in the Math Olympiads yet, and we look forward to raising the bar even higher next year,” said Laddie Decker Elementary School Principal Catherine Honeyman. “Having a strong foundation in mathematics is essential to every student’s education, and we’re honored by this exceptional recognition of the Miller Place School District’s rigorous math program.”

Math Olympiads contests take place at each participating school throughout the country across several months. Each contest consists of five atypical math problems which must be solved under a time limit. Each student, working alone, scores one point for each correct answer. Teams can consist of up to 35 students, and the team score is the sum of the ten highest individual scores. The Miller Place School District encourages students to take advantage of programs like Math Olympiads, and supports students’ many successes as they continue to advance the study of mathematics.

“There are 35 members of the Math Olympiads team, and each student contributed to our final score.  It was truly a team effort,” said Math Olympiads Coordinator Evan Curran.

Students who will be receiving silver pins for placing in the top eight percent of students nationwide include:

  • Andrew McGuirk
  • Madison McErlean
  • Taylor McHugh
  • Lucy Chang
  • Marc Lindemann
  • Jackson Vaccariello

Students who will be receiving patches for placing in the top 50 percent of mathematics students nationwide include:

  • Matthew Cirrito
  • Dane Lagrasta
  • Trevor Mandia
  • Abigail Bosshard
  • Carrie Davis
  • Brayden Rowe
  • Nicholas Calandrino
  • Sabrina Schafer
  • Richard Wink
  • Michael Drago
  • Joshua MacDonald
  • Sean Pepe
  • Liam Dunkin
  • Amanda Kranich-Schaefer
  • Jack Sauer
  • Stephen Ye
  • Charlie Platt
  • Nicholas Vallary
  • Sean Creedon
  • Ellis Worcester

Other members of the Math Olympiads team who will be recognized for their achievements include:

  • Ruth Lynch
  • Skylar Isbitsky
  • Jack O’Neill
  • Nick Tedeschi
  • Jonathan Bang
  • Emma McNulty
  • Colorado Pabisz
  • Logan Pagel
  • Palakdeep Bassan

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Miller Place High School Cheerleaders Recognized for Championship Victory

The Miller Place School District’s Miller Place High School cheerleading team was recently celebrated by the Town of Brookhaven for finishing in first place at the Suffolk County Cheerleading Champions for Medium Varsity Teams Division II. To recognize their achievement, Town of Brookhaven Councilwoman Jane Bonner presented the team with Certificates of Congratulations during a recent town board meeting.

“It was my pleasure to honor these outstanding high school students,” said Councilwoman Bonner. “It takes hard work and dedication to excel in these very competitive activities and they should all be proud of their great accomplishments. I also want to commend the coaches and parents for all they do to help the children perform at such a high level.”

“We are incredibly proud of all our students’ hard work to achieve this victory,” said Miller Place School District Superintendent Dr. Marianne Cartisano. “Their commitment and integrity are emblematic of the excellence here at Miller Place.”

Teammates and coaches included: Cheerleaders; Halle Abrams, Skylar Alagna, Meghan Connolly, Kaitlin Dolson, Danielle Humphrey, Amethyst LaRosa, Angelique Levine, Kim Mascarella, Serena Mangino, Victoria Murphy, Maddie Power, Maddie Pranzo, Leigha Provenzano, Julia Schreck, Sarah Shaljian, Danielle Spagnolo, Kaleigh Spetta, Rachel Suarez, Hailey Syperski, Hanna Totillo, Nina Tudisco, Chole Young and Coaches; Marissa Alessi and Alexa Sanalitro.

The student-athletes worked hard for months to achieve this victory. They embraced a rigorous training schedule, and they exhibited tremendous dedication and good sportsmanship. For more information about the Miller Place School District and its students’ many accomplishments, please visit: