Miller Place Virtual Enterprise Students are Successful Entrepreneurs

Students excel at Long Island Regional Trade Show and Business Plan Competition

Students in the Virtual Enterprise class at Miller Place High School recently excelled at the Long Island Regional Trade Show and Business Plan Competition. Students worked in groups to showcase their businesses, each of which generated over $100,000 in sales and won multiple awards throughout the competition.

“Our Virtual Enterprise students did an amazing job and were part of a very successful field trip. Everyone who participated represented Miller Place with pride and enthusiasm and exceptional skill,” said Superintendent of Schools Seth Lipshie. “Congratulations to all of the students who participated at the trade show for the professionalism and passion they demonstrated while promoting their ideas to investors.”

Student CEO Lindsey Galligan and student COO Grace Flammia presented their company Fits4Fans, a celebrity-inspired clothing line with a goal of boosting the confidence and styles of their customers. The company had a successful trade show and placed gold in multiple categories, including “LI Regional Trade Show Sales Material Competition” and “LI Regional Trade Show Best Booth Competition.” The company saw 90 sales transactions and generated over $100,000 in sales.

Student CEO Jake Ryan and student COO Lucas Damon ran Memory Lane Toy Co., a retro toy store that sold rare and exclusive toys from across past generations. The company aimed to combat the negative effects of social media and overstimulation of technology by providing a means of re-engaging in real world play and connections. The toy firm placed gold in the category of “Booth Design,” silver in the “Newsletter Competition,” and silver in the “Sales Pitch Competition.” The company generated over $170,000 in sales and showcased exceptional networking skills with their fellow entrepreneurs. 

Technology LLC AI Aid, led by student CEO John Leen and student COO Samuel Cangelosi, sought to assist individuals through the implication of AI. They placed gold in the category of “LI Regional Trade Show Best Booth Competition” and silver in “LI Regional Sales Pitch Competition.” The company brought in $105,609 in sales presented their business plan to judges for a chance to advance to the next level of Virtual Enterprise competition.

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Miller Place High School Virtual Enterprise students showcased their business Fits4Fans at the Long Island Regional Trade Show and Business Plan Competition.
Students displayed their retro toy store company Memory Lane Toy Co.
Another student-run company that excelled at the trade show was Technology LLC AI Aid.