Miller Place Skypes with the Stars

North Country Road Middle School (NCRMS) in Miller Place is busy embracing the digital age with well-known children’s author Dusti Bowling. After recently completing Ms. Bowling’s first book Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus, NCRMS’s Book Club welcomed the children’s author via Skype to gather insight on her writing secrets and have an in-depth discussion on their favorite book.

“Face-to-face interactions with professional writers like Dusti Bowling allow our students to gain knowledgeable insight into life as an author and encourages them to embrace their passions of reading and writing,” said Dr. Marianne Cartisano, superintendent of Miller Place School District. “The District aims to motivate each student to dream big and work towards achieving their goals. We hope to inspire them, as well as provide them with opportunities to speak with individuals who had aspirations similar to those of our students.”

Spearheaded by NCRMS’s librarian Ronnie Farrell, students were eager to meet Ms. Bowling, learn more about her passion for writing, and dive deeper into the book’s underlining message. Members of the NCRMS Book Club had several questions for Ms. Bowling including how old she was when she first realized she wanted to be a writer and what was her favorite pet Ms. Bowling’s enthusiasm and eagerness to answer each student’s question made for a very engaging and productive visit. The Skype visit concluded with a sneak peek into Ms. Bowling’s upcoming book Momentous Events in the Life of a Cactus, which is pending release for September 2019.

Ms. Bowling’s Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus is a tremendous story of hope, strength, and letting the light shine on who you truly are. Aven, the book’s main character, who was born with no arms was faced with new challenges as her family relocated to Arizona. With two new pals who face differences of their own, Aven learns that their light can shine just as brightly as anyone else’s. The heartwarming and inspiring story taught Miller Place’s students the significance of acceptance and understanding.

Dusti Bowling, who currently resides in Arizona with her family and army of pets, has had a passion for reading since her youth. She composes various books for young adult and middle grade students.

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