Teddy Bear Care

AMPS Students in Miller Place Learn to Perform Medical Assistance from Local Frontline Heroes

MILLER PLACE, NEW YORK (APRIL 2021)—Miller Place’s kindergarten students at Andrew Muller Primary School (AMPS) recently transformed their classrooms, in-person and virtual, into an emergency care facility—for stuffed animals! The Teddy Bear Clinic, a free injury prevention program sponsored by the Trauma Center at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, provides a hands-on learning experience for young children to better understand how to provide medical assistance. 

With their surgical caps on, AMPS’s students worked as medical professionals to diagnose their bears’ illnesses or injuries and determine the appropriate treatment procedures. The student-doctors even filled out medical forms to reflect on their roles as providers. Stony Brook nurses discussed important safety initiatives the young students can proactively take to protect themselves from injury like wearing a seatbelt while in a moving vehicle and a helmet when riding a bike or scooter.