Miller Place Debuts Book Vending Machines to Promote Literacy

Students earn tokens for new books based on exemplary behavior

The Miller Place School District recently unveiled three new vending machines at its schools, but instead of dispensing candy or snacks, these machines are full of brand-new books.   

The Miller Place Parent Teacher Organization donated the book vending machines as part of its commitment to increasing literacy and generating excitement around reading. PTO representatives and District officials recently held a commemorative ribbon cutting ceremony welcoming the vending machines to North Country Road Middle School, Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School and Andrew Muller Primary School.

“Students are already excited about our book vending machines and eager for a chance to use them and get their next favorite book,” said Superintendent of Schools Mr. Seth Lipshie. “Thank you to our PTO for bringing these to our District and putting in place an amazing plan to boost literacy, reward good behavior and get children enthusiastic about reading.”

Each book costs one token, which students earn by displaying good behavior and performing acts of kindness. Earning tokens is built into the District’s existing character education programs, which reward exemplary students each month. 

Miller Place is one of the first school districts on Long Island to bring book vending machines to its schools. The Miller Place PTO launched the book vending machine program as part of its Literacy Initiative to engage students in learning. One of their goals was to keep children reading and ensure they could always have books at home and not just in school or at the library. Their research led them to Inchy, the only book vending machine company in the country.

The PTO funded the initiative through the District’s Read-a-Thon, to purchase the Book Vending Machines.  The PTO also purchased the books and fully stocked the vending machines.  PTO will continue purchasing books for the vending machines in the future.

The PTO executive board includes Kristin Hennig, Suzanne Cloke, Jackie Maloney, Monique Caccavale, Sharda Soohkdeo, Gayle Mancini and Dawn McCarthy. Town of Brookhaven Councilwoman Jane Bonner presented the District and PTO with proclamations to praise their success in bringing the vending machines to Miller Place.

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Third-grade student Hazel Kamath and LADSBS Assistant Principal Nicole Farley marvel at the school’s new book vending machine.
Town of Brookhaven Councilwoman Jane Bonner, left, at a commemorative ribbon cutting ceremony with third-grade student Hazel Kamath and Miller Place PTO representative Dawn McCarthy.
PTO members at a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new book vending machines.
Third-grade student Hazel Kamath is given a chance to use the book vending machine. She is pictured here with Councilwoman Jane Bonner, left, PTO representative Dawn McCarthy and Miller Place Superintendent of Schools Mr. Seth Lipshie.
From left to right AMPS students Mia Cruz Rodriguez, Jonathan Acosta, Paul Adams, Fionn Gallagher, Brayden Franzese, Vivian McNaughton, Milller Place PTO members, Superintendent Mr. Seth Lipshie and AMPS Principal Ms. Gewurz.
Miller Place Superintendent of Schools Mr. Seth Lipshie cuts the ribbon at the commemorative book vending machine ceremony.
North Country Road Middle School Book Vending Machine ribbon cutting.  From left to right, PTO representative Jackie Maloney, PTO representative Suzanne Cloke, Superintendent of Schools Mr. Seth Lipshie, PTO representative Dawn McCarthy, PTO representative Kristin Hennig, NCRMS Assistant Principal Christine Mangiamele, Library Media Specialist Veronica Farrell.
Seventh Grade North Country Road Middle School student Johnny Adler showing off the book he chose from the school’s new book vending machine.