A Tea-riffic Day in Studio Art

Student Artists Host Japanese Tea Ceremony Using Self-Made Tea Bowls

Miller Place, N.Y. (December 2019)—At Miller Place High School, Mrs. Stasi’s Studio Art class recently hosted a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony in celebration of their latest project. Over the last few weeks while studying ceramics, the student-artists designed Japanese inspired tea bowls. Each bowl was designed using the pinch pot method to reflect the natural and imperfect tea bowls from Japan. Collectively, the class sipped tea in each of their glazed bowls to celebrate their hard work and accomplishments.

Ms. Stasi’s annual Japanese Tea Ceremony demonstrates how the Miller Place School District incorporates cultural diversity initiatives into lesson plans throughout the school year. The District aims to open students’ minds and increase their awareness and understanding of the lives people lead around the world. 

Say Something with Miller Place Students

MPHS Participates in Education Awareness Program with Deputy Sheriff Amie Rodecker

Miller Place, N.Y. (December 2019)—Students and staff at Miller Place High School (MPHS) recently participated in an education and awareness prevention program and training with representatives from the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Sheriff Amie Rodecker met with each grade level for four 50-minute presentations to educate students on Sandy Hook Promise’s Say Something initiative. Sheriff Rodecker discussed the signs and signals of a potential threat, and how to facilitate a conversation with a trusted adult.

In 2018, Officer Sheriff Errol Toulon partnered with Sandy Hook Promise to bring the Say Something presentation to all Suffolk County schools. To date, the Sheriff’s Office has trained more than 8,000 students, school faculty and parents in Suffolk County.

Be Kind. It’s Easy

Miller Place High School Celebrates World Kindness Day

Miller Place, N.Y. (November 2019)—In celebration of World Kindness Day, the School Improvement Team (SIT) Committee at Miller Place High School welcomed students with positive affirmations and inspirational messages throughout the building. The day was devoted to promoting generous acts that bring people of every type together and emphasize the power behind small and large kind gestures. Nearly 900 Post-It Notes covered students’ lockers and classroom doors with phrases like, “In a world where you can be anything—be kind” and “you’ve got this.” World Kindness Day, an initiative of the World Kindness Movement, highlights good deeds in the community by focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness that binds people.

Ride for Life Founder Returns to MP

Students in LADSBS Promote ALS Awareness with Ride for Life Founder

Miller Place, N.Y. (November 2019)—Miller Place School District (MPSD) recently welcomed back Ride for Life Founder Chris Pendergast for a special assembly at Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School (LADSBS). Mr. Pendergast, a beloved member of the community and courageous fighter of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), returned to the District to speak with elementary students about his journey over the last several years and inspiration behind founding Ride for Life, a charity that raises money and awareness for ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

“Every year, we welcome Mr. Pendergast for his heartening story of perseverance and commitment,” said Dr. Marianne Cartisano, superintendent of Miller Place School District. “He is a special member of the Miller Place-Sound Beach community, and it’s an honor to have him speak to our students and inspire them to play their part in raising awareness for such an important cause.”

Students at LADSBS listened attentively to Mr. Pendergast’s story about his advocacy efforts and how his devotion and perseverance inspired the Ride for Life organization. The presentation relayed an important message for students to never give up and overcoming the odds. Students were also amazed by Mr. Pendergast’s ability to utilize advanced technology equipment to type using his eyes and speak through a computerized voice.

Ride for Life is an annual public awareness and fundraising campaign to spread ALS awareness. Each year, ALS patients ride their electric wheelchairs across Long Island as they are escorted by hundreds of students from local schools and community groups.

Saluting Our Heroes at Andrew Muller Primary School

Miller Place, N.Y. (November 2019)—As the Star-Spangled Banner played in the background, Mrs. Shaw’s second grade class at Andrew Muller Primary School (AMPS) in Miller Place opened its doors to United States military veterans to thank them for their service. After the students and military veterans began the day by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, the class’s special guests then taught the students about the importance of respecting the flag as a symbol of America and the freedoms they enjoy daily. The second-grade students then participated in a fill-in-the-blanks exercise by completing the phrase, “I think veterans are ____ because ____.” Following collection and sharing of their responses, the students and military veterans read “Veterans Day,” by Jessica Hawkins.  Near the end of the visit, one of the veterans gave the students a demonstration of how he played the bugle during his time in the military. Before the veterans departed, the students presented letters of appreciation and showed their respect by saluting them.

This event is part of the District’s initiative to teach students the meaning of Veterans Day and raise student awareness about what it means to be a member of the military during Veterans Day.

Dirt Cheap Science

Local Elementary Students Learn How Every Day Materials Can Conduct Science Experiments

Miller Place, N.Y. (November 2019)—Students at Miller Place School District’s Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School recently learned how household items can teach lessons in science. The “Dirtmeister,” Steve Tomecek, taught students how materials such as coffee cans, soda bottles, mixing bowls and a toilet plunger can help students explore the science behind gravity, air pressure and sound. Students participated in the experiments during the assembly and were challenged to repeat them at home with the help of their parents.

MPSD Hosts SCSO to Educate Students on the Effects of Vaping

Miller Place, N.Y. (November 2019)—Miller Place School District recently hosted representatives of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office to discuss the effects of vaping with sophomore and junior students in Miller Place High School’s auditorium. Deputy Sheriff Investigator Michael Kern and Public Relations Assistant Kelly Mazzotta educated students on the implications of nicotine and illicit drug use on human brains and bodies, the long-term effects of nicotine and drug use, and emphasized the various laws surrounding substance use and minors.

NCRMS Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

Miller Place, N.Y. (November 2019)—Miller Place students at North Country Road Middle School (NCRMS) proudly participated in Red Ribbon Week, a week dedicated to promoting drug awareness and empowering each student to live drug-free lives. This year, the District welcomed representatives of the Suffolk County Police Department and the Long Island Drug Enforcement Administration.

“Red Ribbon Week serves as a call to action for our students and community members to become empowered to make healthy life decisions,” said Dr. Marianne Cartisano, superintendent of Miller Place Schools. “As role models and educators, our staff members and administrators are dedicated to informing our students about the importance of choosing drug-free lifestyles through initiatives like Red Ribbon Week, as well as several other programs and guest speakers the District provides throughout the year.”

NCRMS kicked off Red Ribbon Week this year with a visit from Officer George Lynagh of the Suffolk County Police Department (SCPD). Officer Lynagh met with each grade level to discuss his career working in NYC law enforcement prior to SCPD, the dangers youth face on a daily basis, and the destructive implications of drug abuse.

Officer Charles Bernard, Long Island Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Agent, spoke to NCRMS’s 7th and 8th grade students about the dangers and effects of drug abuse. He utilized real-life scenarios to depict the local drug issues on Long Island. While sharing a powerful message, Agent Bernard encouraged positive decision making for the District’s adolescents.

Throughout Red Ribbon Week students showcased their artistry and creativity during a building-wide poster contest. Students with the most informative posters promoting important messages of Red Ribbon Week were selected as winners. This year’s winners of the poster contest are Amelia Avalos, 6th grade; Emily Darragh, 7th grade; and Mary Duffy, 8th grade.

Red Ribbon Week was established in 1985 to honor Enrique Camarana, a drug enforcement officer who gave his life in the fight against drugs. The Red Ribbon became a symbol of awareness to reduce the use of illegal drugs and violence. As the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country, Red Ribbon serves as a vehicle for communities and individuals to take a stand for the hopes and dreams of our children through a commitment to drug prevention and education.

Sky High Academic Achievements in Miller Place

Miller Place Sixth Graders Launch Self-Made Rockets for Science Class

Miller Place, N.Y. (November 2019)—Sixth grade students at North Country Road Middle School in Miller Place recently sent their science knowledge sky-high during the culmination of the school’s recent science unit—rockets!

“The District strives to provide an engaging curriculum that enables students to utilize their creativity while taking part in interactive lessons,” said Dr. Marianne Cartisano, superintendent of Miller Place School District. “Classroom projects like the rocket launch provide enhanced learning experiences for our students by allowing them to bring their textbook lessons to life. Well done, NCRMS!”

Over the last several weeks, Mrs. Cuba’s science classes performed a comprehensive science experiment to learn how a rocket works and demonstrate Newton’s third law of motion. After designing and constructing their own rockets from scratch, the sixth graders joined for a class wide rocket launch where students had the opportunity to watch their science knowledge take off! 

A Round of a Paws

NCRMS Students Give Back for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Miller Place, N.Y. (October 2019)—A round of a paws to students at North Country Road Middle School in Miller Place for their community service! During lunch periods, the middle schoolers did their part to give back during Adopt a Shelter Dog Month by visiting the library during their periods to make dog chew toys out of recycled t-shirts. Collectively, NCRMS’s students made 33 dog chew toys, which will be donated to Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton.