As Scene on the Screen

Virtual Enterprise Students Hone Entrepreneurship Skills for National Branding Competition

MILLER PLACE, NEW YORK (DECEMBER 2020)—Throughout this school year, Miller Place High School (MPHS) student entrepreneurs in Mr. Fank’s Virtual Enterprise (VE) class developed a company, As Scene on the Screen, that specializes in selling authentic movie, television, and sports memorabilia. Recently, the company participated in a national branding competition through the VE National Online Competition, an initiative that provides high school students with the unique opportunity to develop and demonstrate their career readiness in various aspects of business.

Ahead of the competition, As Scene on the Screen split into two teams to spearhead their national branding packet. One team, while working in-person, organized themselves into subdivisions—sales, accounting, design and marketing—to simulate the different specializations when working in a business environment. The other team, while working entirely via Google Meet, ensured company operations were running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Throughout the competition process, the company developed their branding package which included the company logo, fonts, and color palette. The package also featured a letterhead, business cards, envelopes, cover pages, sales materials and other similar company documents. As Scene on the Screen’s collective goal was to distinguish their company by creating a memorable brand package that’s versatile and consistent across all elements of the business.