Miller Place Announces 2020-21 OAK and OAR Recipients

MPHS Hosts 20th Annual Breakfast to Recognize Students for Exceptional Character and Academic Excellence

MILLER PLACE, NEW YORK (JANUARY 2021)—Miller Place High School (MPHS) hosted its 20th Annual Outstanding Acts of Kindness (OAK) and Outstanding Academic Recognition (OAR) Breakfast where 12 distinguished students were acknowledged for their selfless behavior or stellar academic performance. 

OAK award recipientsstudents who have helped someone in need without expecting any reciprocationdemonstrate the sense of spirit the District aims to achieve throughout the school community and serve as role models for others in the building. Recipients of the OAK award this year include Denis Amaya, Chloe Anthony, Sophia Bloom, Justin Klotz, Shaun Mooney, Sean O’Connor, Grace Polak and Avery Purrier.OAR award recipientsstudents who’ve distinguished themselves as academic inspirations and have successfully risen to the educational challenges presented to themeither met long-term goals or exhibit commendable improvement. This year’s recipients include Caroline Bark, Ava Marcario, Christopher Scott, Matthew Shelton, Carly Shurbet and Grace Stone.