Miller Place Daisies Show their Green Thumbs at AMPS

Troop 960 Scouts plant flower beds outside elementary school

Rows of pink tulips and multicolored pansies adorn the entrance to Andrew Muller Primary School thanks to a group of the school’s students in Girl Scouts/Daisy Troop 960.  The young Scouts planted the spring flowers, which were donated by local garden center GardenWorx LI, at the entranceway of their elementary school to celebrate spring and spread joy to their teachers and classmates as they enter and leave the building.

“I’m so proud of these girls for creating such a beautiful display for staff and students to see as they come and go to school. What a great way to welcome the new season and give back to the Miller Place community,” AMPS Principal Laura Gewurz said.    

The project is part of the Girl Scout’s commitment to make their community and the world a better and more beautiful place. Through the beautification effort, the Scouts completed their Flower and Garden Journey badges.  Earning the Flower and Garden Journey badge includes exploring the world of gardening, starting a mini garden at home, learning about composting and learning how insects like ladybugs and bees help flowers grow. Daisy Scouts also take a field trip to a public garden and talk to a gardener or beekeeper.

Once all the above is completed, Scouts earn three leadership awards – the Watering Can Award, Golden Honey Bee Award and Amazing Daisy Award. Then, Scouts plan a “Take Action” project that involves bringing what they learned to their community through a beautification project.

Students who contributed to the project at Andrew Muller Primary School and earned their badges included Molly Samonas, Jessie Maldonado, Delaney Kruse, Ellie Jackowski, Hailey Fisher, McKenna Stingo, Sadie Pachter, Elaina Giannino, Lylah Anschel, Lilah Ebert and Addie Lafler.

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Andrew Muller Primary School students in Girl Scouts/Daisy Troop 960 recently planted tulips and pansies in the entrance of the elementary school to welcome spring and complete their Flower and Garden Journey badges.